Boyeon Kang- nominiert für den AABER AWARD 2013

Text of conception

Think about this issue.

„How to define one’s own boundary in public space and why it has significance?“

In order to live a daily life within a social context one has to deal with a number of surrounding ‚eyes‘. Being social as a modern virtue. Improving one’s social behavior in a healthy way, while managing to keep a mysterious aspect, is becoming a quite relevant issue among young people especially in my age. I have to say, it is not easy.

Basically, we talk to people to share what we have, because that might please one another. Probably one can choose a topic of conversation which seems to be interesting – simply because it is private – but still doesn’t disturb others so much, since it stays an everyday topic. It is because we do things that the others do as well.

At this point, the meaning of „being social“ has another aspect, namely that one has to reveal oneself in a way in order to defend some other personal things. These things are normal. Like things that a person can do in a room without having a conversation including „eyes“ (reading books, wearing or stripping clothes to be comfortable, meditation etc.). Spending time to keep one’s personal value and sharing it with others can be counterbalanced.

At the end of the day one can always decide „when and how heavily“ to define the boundary.


The basic information: Performance with an Installation with Mixed Media

Artist name: Boyeon Kang

Title of artwork: my public, my initiative

year of origin: 2013

Materials: Installation with Mixed Media (wood, fabric, acrylic glass , a paintball gun, and clothes )

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